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About me and my artwork...

I graduated from Utah State University in 1994 with degrees in Illustration and Biology. I use a variety of media and styles in my illustrations including graphite, pen and ink, block printing, oils, acrylics, charcoal, colored pencils, chalk pastels, photography and mixed media.  

The majority of my pieces currently posted here are pen and ink over giclee image botanical pieces.  I use my own original digital photography prints and overlay them with my pen and ink drawings.  This is my attempt to combine illustration,  biology and my passion for photography together into a cohesive whole.

My commissioned portraits are highly detailed.  It is crucial to me that I capture the spirit, personality and likeness of the subject(s).  They are available in three choices of media; graphite pencil, pen & ink or a combination of the two.  I work from photographs and I draw portraits of pets as well.  Please see the Customized Portraits page for examples.  

Take a look around my website and contact me via phone, text or email if you want to make any illustration purchases and/or portrait orders.  I also sell prints of most illustrations and cards of some of the illustrations and I can recreate many pieces if requested (naturally, there will be variances in each piece).  

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone/text with any comments or questions.  To join my mailing list, enter your information under Contact Me.
I hope you will visit my website again soon!  I am consistently updating it with new pieces as I complete them, along with upcoming events where you can view and/or purchase my pictures and cards.

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